Why I'm here

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Why I love this business, this company, this product.

I've always been a "do for others" kind of guy. When I was younger I fixed cars for a living. Well I did about half my work for free because some hapless soul needed their car and couldn't afford to pay to fix it. Later I got computer savvy and I now invest quite a bit of time fixing peoples computers for them, frequently for little or no monetary exchange. In fact, my other business is providing IT services for non-profits. Why do I do this? I dunno, I guess I'm just a giving person. Is it altruism, or something like that? I think it's deeper than anything logical like that. It's not even an emotional thing - well maybe it is. I do get a good feeling when I help somebody who needs it.

But there's another return too. Most of my best long term friends I met because I helped them in some way. Ask my wife of 25 years about her Volkswagon :-) I think of Neal, and Douglas, and David, and many others. One of the common bonds is we helped each other in some way. You know, maybe this helping others thing is actually universal. It's just buried by our Adam Smith/Darwin competitive model of the world.

So now I've stumbled on a business that does this giving thing in spades. First, I get to help you by introducing you to a nutritional product that can restore or maintain your health into old age. What could be a better thing to give than that?

Second, and here's the amazing thing, This business model, and this particular company let me provide you with the means to do the same giving I'm doing. WOW!!, I've just figured out how to leverage doing what I like doing best.

You know the old rubric about giving a man a fish or give him a fishing pole? Well this goes one better. Not only do I get to give you a fishing pole and teach you to use it, but you can do the the same for your friends, and your friends teach their friends and so on. A whole village gets to eat forever because I can teach you to teach someone else how to fish.  And that's called community, which is the best part of this whole thing.

The final kicker then is that not only do I get to help you with your health, and give you a means to do that for your loved ones, but we can both make a decent living doing it. Now is that amazing or what?

I have to tell you, it's 2AM and tears are streaming down my face as I write this. I now realize the full power of what we have and it's truly world turning.

Robert (Hallalujah) Williams