Another why

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Do you remember when you were a teenager, or perhaps early twenty's you had this fire in your belly about some cause or another.  You wanted to stop the war, end whale killing, apartheid, segregation, whatever.  Change the world.  It was your fire, your driving force - you were ready to die (or at least get tear-gassed) for it. 

Well I remember that fire, and that desire to make the world a better place.  I also remember living in several "intentional communities" where we ate consciencely, used consensus governance, and tried to live whole(some) lives outside the norms of the day.  Later I worked in computer interface design, again striving to make a better world for the hapless user of computer systems.  Then I started a company providing IT services for non-profit organizations, and now volunteer on the boards of some of those non-profit right thinking organizations. Yes, I have a bumper sticker that says, "Subvert the dominant paradigm". 

But it's not enough is it?  This dancing around the periphery, never having the resources to do enough of the right thing, always up against some wall or another.  Always fighting the system instead of working around it, or better yet, beating it at it's own game.

So finally, I've stumbled on the business model that is the next business paradigm, in the same direction as all the above.  We work cooperatively, providing service and a healthy alternative to the sickness industry and the corporate fed, competitive, zero-sum, "not enough to go around" mentality that prevails as the dominant paradigm of the moment.  The service is helping people learn to help themselves, and beyond that, to help their friends to a dose of health AND wealth. The health comes from real-world whole food and healing agents older than the bible.

Ah wealth - that great evil, money.  Well, no.  Wealth, real wealth, is not just money.  If you have money and no time, energy, or friends to enjoy it with, money can truly be as evil as you may believe.  But if you share what you've learned teaching others to do as you have done, and do it in a way that allows you to have time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts, it's not evil at all - it's a blessing, both for you and those around you.  As Bucky Fuller noted, the world is not a zero-sum game - that's an invention of economists.  Don't buy into that mentality, it does not serve you. 

Instead, do "work" that duplicates, so others can do it too, and everybody who duplicates what you do gets health, wealth and together you all build something even better - community. So come with me - explore a new way of  being in the world that helps you do the things you know need to be done, gives you  the resources to do it, and is fun too. You can comment here, click the Contact Us link to have a conversation, or keep doing what you're doing now.  How is that going for you by the way?

-Robert, from Nelson, New Zealand