Traveling again

We're going away to Ireland New Zealand soon,

Ireland New Zealand soon. (The Roches)

Doesn't quite have the same ring does it?  Well we leave Thursday morning, get to New Zealand Saturday.  Friday's gone missing.  More here when I think of something clever to say.


In Christchurch, NZ

Arrived in Christchurch in good form, no jetlag, it's 7 in the morning, Saturday.  Franziska whisked us off to her and Bryan's manse in the country - llama's, horses, chooks, and a trampoline for Josie.  Also racing cars, and motorcycles and a most gorgeous garden.  Let's see if I can slip in a few pictures.

Our new friends the llamas.  They are very personable, albeit with strong opinions about things, like how fast we walk, and they don't like bulls (male cows).

The garden is a traditional english affair, with great sight lines everywhere, little hidden nooks and lots of good food to eat.






 And for you gearheads, what kind of car is this and who made it?