Super Saturday Mar 12, 2011

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 March 12th we are lucky to have Alex Theis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing here in Corvallis (well Albany, actually) to present for us, and do some training with us. 

This is a Super Saturday event, an important element in our process. We invite interesting people, show them what we have, introduce them to the team (that's what this is), and help them succeed.

Alex came to Life Force as a sales and management professional with a thorough knowledge of the Direct Sales industry, both domestic and international. He directed new international business launches, including detailed training for European Union customer service center and directly partnered with distributors worldwide, including Canada, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Alex has 12 years experience in the Network Marketing industry, spending time with two different $20-million-per-month organizations, as well as directing the member support center for a multimillion dollar startup. He has spent the last seven years dedicated to working directly with field leaders in growing their business. As a field advocate at the corporate level, Alex has created and executed highly successful development and coaching programs with clear accountability and performance plans. A printable flyer is available below.

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It was grand

We had quite a crowd. Everybody learned something, we all made new friends. I really like the idea of having regular events, like every week. Probably in home weekly, bigger events quarterly.