What do we do?

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First let's get rid of the old rubric, "I can't/don't/won't do marketing." 

You're in the job market?  What are you doing?  Posting resumes, talking to HR people, maybe a hiring manager or so, networking with your old workmates?  In a word, you're marketing.  Yourself. 

You've got a job?  Lucky you.  How to you propose to keep it?  Nose down, work hard, hope they notice you?  See previous paragraph.  Nope.  You write reports, publish research, speak up at meetings, in a word, make yourself visible and cast in a good light.  Uh, that's called marketing.

I don't even need to discuss self-employed, or leveraged business owners. You know you're marketing!

It's not easy is it?  Would you like some coaching, a little help and encouragement from somebody who's on your side?  And I don't mean a consultant whose main goal is to take you money.

OK, I'll cop to it, we're doing marketing too.  In fact we're doing two different marketing efforts at the same time.  The difference is we're not doing it solo.  We have a group of friends we work with, all of whom are invested in our success  We chose our workmates.  We coach and support each other, lend a hand when asked, do cooperative exercises - in a word, we have FUN.   Welcome to team marketing.

What do we market and who do we market to? 

Well, we market ourselves, same as you.  Our target market for ourselves is other people who think like us - in other words, good friends or potential good friends.  Nice people to market to eh?  In a way, this is actually more like the position of the hiring manager.  We're looking for a few good friends who can understand what we're doing and wants to work with us.  We're going to do a lot of good together.  See next paragraph.

The other market is people who may have health issues, or just an understanding that pharmeceutals may not be the best way to maintain or regain health.  That's a much bigger market than the HR departments of companies needing whatever technical specialty you may have.  And by the way, when we help them regain their health, they are way more grateful than said HR department.  And that's what we market to them - their own health and well-being.  Is that more valuable than what you offer a hiring manager for whatever specialty she may be hiring?  Probably is, right? 

So crawl out of your cubical, take off your blinders, open your mind, shift your focus, whatever it takes.  And come have a look.  We don't bite.