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The story of how we found Life Force is a little magical, a little practical- a good blend. . We were traveling through New Zealand on our Round The World Trip in 2006. It was Christmastime and we were seeking some community- a home and people to celebrate with. So we decided to head to an area that friends told us was amazing, Golden Bay on the top of the South Island, and find a farm to WWOOF at. WWOOF is an acronym for Willing Workers on Organic Farms and is a worldwide organization that connects family owned small organic farms with travelers who are looking for a way to meet people, help in a community and trade your energy for room and board.

We wrote to a number of farms in the Golden Bay area and right away we heard back from Manfred and Ana Raunigg in Takaka. They said later that they when they read our email they knew right away that they wanted us to come. We were excited to hear from them and when the rest of the offers came in we knew that we we're going to Rauniggs' Biodynamic Farm in Takaka.

We spent the Christmas holidays with them on their beautiful farm just a mile from the calm bay waters of the South Pacific ocean, where they raised their biodynamically grown veggies, chickens, ducks, fruit and LOVE.

While we were there we noticed that every morning they would take a bottle out of the refrigerator and pour themselves a glass of a juice called Body Balance. They told us about the incredible health giving properties if Seaweeds and Aloe Vera juice and gave us a taste. It tasted good! We also noticed that they did not have to go out for work and the farm was not so large that they really sold anything from it so we wondered how they supported themselves and their farm. So they told us about the Life Force business opportunity.

I was open to hearing about it because I was in the market for a new business since the children were now older and I was a little freer. I wanted to work at home if possible so I could stay connected with my family and be in my favorite place- my home. So when they presented this opportunity I was at least open to hear about it. I say “at least” because at that time I shared the misconceptions about Network Marketing that many people have: “The rich get richer.” “You have to aggressively push people into it.” “You have to sell.” You'll loose all of your friends and people will think you are weird.” And on and on. None of this has proved to be true!

We left Manfred and Ana's with a warm feeling in our hearts and some things to think about. As we traveled on to Thailand, Turkey and Spain we let it simmer. We had a 3 month visit to Ireland next so we decided to give the products a try while we were settled for awhile. I will never forget how excited I was to receive my first box of Body Balance and how much fun we had mixing up our Amino Charge protein shakes with the True Greens and creating what to this day we call "Green Drink".

I stared experiencing some wonderful changes in my body and emotions that I will share in my testimonial that follows. I definitely found the Life Force products to be life changing and I knew that everyone would if they are diligent about taking it everyday. That is the SECRET, friends! Because of that I was very interested in joining with Manfred and the rest of the beautiful people who I work with to share with the world the natural health giving and healing products that Life Force supplies. I committed wholeheartedly to my Life Force business and am so glad I did!

When we arrived home a few months later I was ready to start my new partnership with Life Force International. I have found it to be a incredibly positive growing experience and one that I know I was destined to find. I am thrilled to have this business and to tell those special people who come into my life about. I meet really wonderful people all the time that I would never have met in my old life. I have grown my business to a very nice size with plans for expansion always- because the more people you can reach and help bring community, health and wealth into their lives, the better!

Francie O'Shea April 2008

2 years ago when I started drinking Body Balance we were out of the country on a long visit. I had OK health at that point - no major complaints except low energy and 25 lbs of excess weight. About a week after starting I noticed that I was feeling more "together". I had a better stability and mood and I noticed that I was sleeping better. I didn't think alot about it at first. Then I noticed that I wasn't so hungry and didn't crave chocolate in the afternoon (my usual). Then my weight started to change. Slowly but surely I started loosing weight. We were travelling and didn't have a scale so it wasn't until we got home- 3 months into my Body Balance experience- that I realized that I had lost about 12 lbs. I continued to loose weight over the next 6 months til I got down to my best weight- 25lbs lighter!- and here I have stayed for over a year. That's major for me because I have taken off weight before only to have it creep back up to above what I weighed at the beginning of the diet. I know that now that I have found Sea Vegetables & Aloe I will never be overweight again. My eating habits have changed, I just don't eat as much, and I don't crave fattening foods. Also the psoriasis that has plagued me for the last 25 years went away. About 6 months after I started I noticed that it was gone. Totally gone. The next thing that is a major health change is chronic sinus infections that I got every winter and had to take antibiotics for- gone too! The first winter I got a light case and was able to take care of it myself and needed no antibiotics. This past winter I didn't even get sick.  Also I've not had the flu or the Strep throat which I usually get every spring.  Add to this just how much better I feel, a great energy level and peppiness that is really nice. My whole family uses Life Force products and drinks Body Balance every day. My husband Robert has lost weight and also the perpetual cramping after exercise and at night, our 14 year old son Connor and stopped having the intense allergies he has always suffered with every spring and also has grown 10" over the last year with great support and health.

Many many thanks to the founders Wayne and Gerri Hillman and family for their life changing products and their wonderful Love Sharing business and to my awesome sponsor Manfred Raunigg who introduced us to Life Force on his farm in New Zealand. I like to say that we went to New Zealand and discovered the "Fountain of Health"!