An opportunity to meet in Portland

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Life Force International Opportunity Meeting

Please join with us! Thursday Feb. 11 at 7 - 8:30pm

Sip and Kranz Coffee and Wine Bar
901 Northwest 10th Avenue
Portland, Or 97209

A new paradigm in business, Creation by co-operation – not competition.
Mike Burns, Francie O’Shea, Robert Williams will be present to share this remarkable experience with you.

"There is no other company in our industry, that rewards the new member so well - to earn so much and get in net profit as quickly. You will hear first hand exactly how.”

Life Force provides an honest and trustworthy source of nutritional products that really work- formulated from ingredients whose effectiveness has been validated for centuries around the world. These ingredients are harvested from natures bounty, like aloe and sea vegetables, to help create products that are powerfully and naturally effective, working in unison with your own body- nothing artificial. All-natural organic nutrition!

There is no charge for this event, and we are not here to pressure you to buy something.  Come learn what it's all about.  You won't regret it.

Samples Provided!

For more information:
Mike Burns 808-937-4574,
Francie O’Shea 541-740-4701,
Robert Williams



Well, that was fun.  We got

Well, that was fun.  We got to meet some of Mike's family and friends, Mary's favorite doctor in training and several others.   The A/V was just OK because it was hard to hear (powered speakers next time), but I think everybody had a good time, learned a few things and made new connections.  What more could one ask?