The industrial revolution, social security, insurance and community

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Yesterday, while listening to Manfred and Christine talking about wellness insurance and community, I had a revelation.

The Old Way

Before the industrial revolution most people lived in agrarian extended family communities.  This meant everyone had a certain amount of security about their basic living situation and future.  As you grew to adulthood you took care of your elders until they passed, and you raised your children to take on the responsibilities of community members.  As you pass on into old age you know your community/family will be there to care for you.  That is the way the human tribe has worked since um, forever.

The Wrong Way

Then came the industrial revolution.  It drove/pulled people away from their farms, families and communities.  This is a well accepted view of the world.  What is less understood is the consequences of this separation.  Having been drawn into the cities, away from family and community, isolated nuclear families no longer had their extended families to fall back on in times of need.  It gradually became apparent this disruption created unacceptable hardship on these small families.  With no other options available, people turned to the government and commercial agencies for support.  This lead to social security, medicare and other government support.  It also lead to the growth of our modern insurance industry.

Neither of these solutions are even remotely adequate to the task.  Government agencies are designed, at best, to fit the majority and miss being right for most.  The insurance corporations main focus is profit not service, also not a good solution.

The New Way

What remains is the need for community.  An all inclusive healthy supportive group of people who work with one another and support each other from health to infirmity and back, from wealth to debt and back again.  It provides the framework you grow up in, supporting you while learning your trade or craft, it provides increasing income through your middle years as your skills and knowledge increase.  Then in old age the accumulated good will and wealth you have generated in the community supports you into infirmity and beyond.  In event of disaster you are communally supported.  If the disaster is personal means are available to subsist, if the disaster is community wide, you all bear the burden of recovery together.

I know of no government program in this or any other country that provides this kind of wall to wall "coverage".  Most certainly this is not the kind of experience you will get working as an employee or even as a self-employed professional.

I know of only two ways to get this.  One is to live in an agrarian style community, where extended families and life-long relationships are built and maintained.  The Amish communities would be a good example.  The other is to build your own personal community that is willing and able to provide this level of support. 

Do you know how to do this? 

Can you do it on your own?

I'm willing to bet the answer to those questions is "No" and "No way".  So what to do?  Well, you need to build a community or network of people you know love and trust, with a shared monetary interest that can continue to grow and will persist over time.  So if this is what you want, go find someone you know love and trust that is busy building just such a community.  Ask, politely, to join.  S/He will be delighted to show you the way. 

This person will be a network marketer.