An event of some import

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Our very good friend, business partner, mentor and WOOF host, Manfred Raunigg will be here Sept 18-24.  You all are invited, nay, encouraged to stop by and visit with this amazing man.  Did I mention he's also a classically trained muscian and plays a mean digerdoo?

And, he's bringing friends and (some) family.  Another of Francie's mentors, Christine Olsen, of Sydney Australia and Boulder Colorado will also be here.

Together, they and several others will be giving a presentation about Well-Being on the 19th, 3PM, at the Corvallis Library.  Details here.


It was a marvelous event

Sorry you missed it.  Manfred talked about what we need to find on our journey. Hopefully your journey is toward something resembling optimum well-being.  If so you will need Love, Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, Meditation/Prayer, Meaningful work, Recreation, Truth and Gratitude.

We also heard several stories from people who have had great results using Life Force products.  One of them was about horses who have been brought back from badly declining to happy good health.

If you don't believe Body Balance is working for you, check your fingernails.  They will be harder and stronger than anyone else's.  The nails don't lie.

While Christine was talking about Life Force being our wellness insurance, (in preference to the usual sickness insurance), and Manfred had mentioned that what we do is build community, I had a revelation about the industrial revolution, Social security, insurance and community.