My Healing Journey

Welcome to my Healing Journey.  Here I will be sharing my experiences of recovery or not as I search for answers to my injuries and resulting disease.  This journey spans over 33 years of trial and error of various modalities of treatment for what ails me.  


As you may have read in my first posting on this site I had a dramatic first time experience with using Body Balance. It is a great product that can bring hopeful results for many.  Now on my 3rd month of using Body Balance I have come  to a point where I believe I have dumped so much toxins out of my system into my digestive system that I now need an internal cleanse program to aid in feeling better and getting more out of the nutritional benefits of Body Balance.  I have begun a very well know program as outlined in "Detoxify or Die" by Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.  I love this book and the revelation it has brought to me several times that the gunk in us is very toxic and can be difficult for some people when they begin to remove it from their body.  A quick detox and be very harmful and even dangerous for some people.  A slow detox is better.   So if you are like me and found after a couple of months of using the body balance product you had some intestinal problems you may need to do some additional cleaning to better prepare your self for even deeper levels of healing.

Well that is about it for tonight.  Be Well everyone and stay on the sunny side of the street.




Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this Darrell! I'm sure it will be helpful to others. I am very glad to know your story and look forward to hearing more. Francie


 That's an amazing tale of survival.  And yet despite all that (or maybe because of?) you are clearly more than oridnarily whole and functional.  I can hardly wait to see where this goes.