Oh, I could never do marketing/sales.

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Are you a producer?  That is, do you feel like you're not living up to your potential unless you're making, improving, or fixing something?  It could be building houses or installing plumbing, or writing software or making croissants.  The key is that you must feel you are making your contribution to humanity, society, America, your family, or whatever. 

It's OK.  I get it.  I was a software engineer in a large manufacturing company for 20 years.  Before that I designed integrated circuits, built barns, fixed cars.  I understand the need to make a contribution - to give what I have to humanity.

So here's the thing about marketing/sales.  You feel you're not creating something, you're not making a contribution - in fact you're profiting off someone else's sweat and creativity.  Someone else makes this thing, and the sales guy is just reselling at a profit, without adding any value.  It's a rip-off.  Am I right?  Is this how you feel?

Well, what if I were to show you a marketing plan, a business, who's main product is community?  Now that is something that doesn't come from someone else's efforts.  And you can't deny that it's a positive contribution to humanity in general, the immediate participants even more. 

Granted, the secondary effects are health and wealth and yes they are from someone else's sweat.  But hey, don't you think increasing the health of your local community is worthwhile contribution?  And the wealth part is icing on the cake.  But here's the cool thing about that: it's not just wealth for you, it's for anyone in your community who's interested enough to participate.

So come on in and sit with me a spell -  I've got a story to tell.